“AI for better workflow,
better outcomes in medical imaging
answering unmet medical needs”

The AI4CMR solution is ”software as a medical device” (SaMD) that aims to automate the interpretation of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) using artificial intelligence.

The AI4CMR software (SaMD) performs a fully automatic cardiac segmentation allowing instant quantification of ventricular volumes, myocardial mass, and ejection fraction. Besides, it automatically identifies cases with normal left ventricle wall motion (regional contractility).

This safety net solution combined saves significant time and allows the physician to dedicate more time to complex or abnormal cases.

Cardiac Solution
Problem: CMR Reporting is Time
Consuming and Subjective

CMR reporting is based on two pillars:

-Fully automatic cardiac segmentation for volume quantification
(zero human interaction)

-Visual interpretation of different sequences.

Significantly decreases CMR reporting time by more than 50%, allowing more reports.

Cine imaging; 4 chamber

Automatic contour

Continuous Improvement

Automatic left ventricle:

(i) segmentation
(ii) volumes quantification
(iii) wall motion interpretation

Automatic right ventricle*:

(i) segmentation
(ii) volumes quantification

Cloud API

(*) August 2021

(**) Normalized APIs for scanners, PACS, and viewers

SW and HW agnostic solution**, based in modules (vs. package with viewers / PACS’ viewers).