SCIENCE@WORK partners with AI4MedImaging Medical Solutions for AI CARDIAC RESONANCE IMAGING, promoting efficiency, productivity and quality of care

February, 2023

SCIENCE@WORK signed a partnership agreement with AI4MedImaging Medical Solutions, a company specialized in applying AI to Medical Imaging.

AI4CMR solution is a “Software as a Medical Device” (SaMD) that automates the interpretation of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) Imaging using AI that performs a fully automatic cardiac segmentation, allowing instant quantification of ventricular volumes, myocardial mass, and ejection fraction. Additionally, it automatically identifies cases with normal left ventricle wall motion (regional contractility).

AI4CMR saves significant time to prepare reports and allows cardiologists to do more and dedicate to complex or abnormal cases.

Vitor Hugo Pereira, MD PhD, AI4MedImaging Medical Solutions CEO, stated:

Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance is an advanced imaging technique that is being increasingly used worldwide to improve the diagnosis of cardiac diseases. Due to its high special resolution and good tissue contrast, is currently the gold standard for the quantification of ventricular volumes, myocardial mass and estimation of ejection fraction. A critical limitation for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance is the time for post processing the images and reporting exams. The interpretation of CMR relies in manual segmentation of the both ventricles and in the visual analysis of left ventricle wall motion. Combined, this solution decreases Cardiac MR reporting time by more than 50%, decreases inter-rater variability and allows physicians to dedicate more time to abnormal or complex cases. Partnering with SCIENCE@WORK we accelerate growth and make our Solutions available to new markets.

Miguel Rocha, MSc, SCIENCE@WORK Co-Founder and CEO, said:

We are thrilled with this partnership with AI4MedImaging Medical Solutions. The Solution developed by a specialized and highly qualified team, in line with regulatory standards and certifications across the world, notably in EU, UK and US markets, fits perfectly our healthcare business strategy to lead digital transformation in Healthcare, promoting efficiency, productivity and patient safety.

SCIENCE@WORK: www.scienceatwork-online.com

AI4MEDIMAGING MEDICAL SOLUTIONS: https://ai4medimaging.com